My Council Services (MCS) is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for the public sector organisations. It is highly configurable platform providing sophisticated features supporting end-to-end service delivery. We provide public sector organisations with innovative mobile applications and web platforms that enable self-service customer access, mobile working, digital transformation and channel shift.



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My Council Services is a platform independent solution. You can either download our app or login and submit your report online. My Council Services allows users to easily capture information with real-time location and evidence about any incident. It allows easy reporting for issues such as litter, bulky pickups, parking, street cleaning, trees, anti-social behavior and noise or ability to submit a general request or give feedback. You can also catch up on the latest news and events or search for your local council’s facilities.


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Our innovative solution aims to help the councils and other public sector organisations leverage advanced technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR) and smartphones to deliver their services to citizens. We understand your requirements at the individual and organisational level; design the platform and implement the bespoke solution achieving citizen satisfaction and significant cost savings.

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My Council Services is used and trusted by over 50 local authorities across the UK,
serving over 800,000 citizens and having councils save in millions every year!

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My Council Services is an all-inclusive solution allowing the citizens to ‘Report issues, Request a service, Apply for services, and seek information’ quickly, easily and accurately.

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My Council Services is a digital mobile service which enables citizens to be a part of their local community, to work with the council and to talk directly to them to improve their environment. By reporting problems directly to the council the citizen can use My Council Services to bring incidents for action directly to the correct council staff.

Whenever you see a problem, whip out your smartphone and use it as often as you like. The more you use it the better your environment can be.
No – My Council Services is both a web-based and a mobile application. You can submit your service requests via either channel. The mobile application is available on web, iPhone, Android and tablets.
My Council Services reports / request submission capability is unique. There is no other platform that delivers the same interactive and integrated service. Beyond report submission My Council Services also offers push notifications so the council can inform you that the incident request you submitted has been resolved. You can also use My Council Services to access important information from your council, such as a change to the refuse collection schedule in a specific area or the promotion of local events and availability of services. My Council Services also offers secure remote payment. This means you can pay for things such as parking permits, council tax and so on via the app or online, making payments much more convenient.
Yes – for subscribers to the premium service we offer comprehensive customisation and integration services. This includes creating specific versions of the mobile app for each client.
Any council can receive reports submitted by the generic application free of charge. To benefit from customisation, integration and full automation capability subscription to the premium service is required. The premium service also offers a significant range of enhancements and access to the captured data, along with flexible reporting and map overlay tools.
Yes. If your council has the premium services then designated individuals can set up and maintain email routing. If your council has the generic service then emails will be delivered to a single point and distributed internally from there. Email is only one mechanism for receiving reports. My Council Services enables you to submit information in a number of different ways, online or from your phone.

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