Spotlight: Benefit fraud reported by your citizens

Benefit fraud is a huge problem for councils. Only 15% of benefits fraud is resolved, this is partly due to the costs involved in investigating fraud. The simple answer is to look to your citizens to help.  Your citizens pay their council tax for services delivered by the council, they do not want to see […]

Spotlight: Video

One of our advanced benefits is enabling the citizens to submit videos. The citizen can either use their iPhone or our website to upload videos. The email is sent to the council with a link to the video which is hosted on our secure server. When you click on the link the video is played […]

Spotlight: Google Street View

We offer many new radical features; one we are partially proud of is our virtual street view. When you receive a report from the citizen they will have taken a photo of the incident and captured the location. When you click the link ‘Click Here to View Interactive Map’ you are taken to Google maps […]