My Council Services is an online and mobile IT platform that enables you to report incidents or make requests to your local council, either via a smartphone app or via the web. You can include photos, video or any other contextual information as part of your submission. Additionally your submission will include the exact location of the reported issue, via integration with Google Maps. Once you’ve created your request it will then be automatically routed to your council where it will be automatically allocated to the relevant service delivery team.

My Council Services allows you to easily tell your council about common issues such as littering, requesting a bulky pickup, problems with parking, issues to do with street cleaning, requests regarding trees,  concerns about noise, and also enables you to make a general request or give feedback.

All reports from My Council Services can be sent from the app or the web using your email and mobile number so that the council can communicate directly with you to resolve the issue. Many councils use our full integration so the report get pushed into their back-end systems.

My Council Services fundamentally changes the way your local council or authority is able to support and manage the crucial process of receiving, processing and responding to your queries, questions and requests.

The solution also incorporates mobile working for the service teams as well as paperless administration for the office staff. Our automated platform is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the public sector organisations and can be further personalised with ease and flexibility.

We have over 800,000 delighted users on the My Council Services application. Reporting is made simpler, leaner and secure!