Submitting a report of an issue to your council is simple. You can even submit a report to a council other than your own. My Council Services determines your council using the report’s GPS location and will automatically submit your report to the correct council.

There are four easy steps to submitting a report.

Step 1 – Select the category

Firstly you need to select  the  category. My Council Services allows you to easily capture and report on common issues including litter, bulky pickup, parking, street cleaning, trees and noise as well as letting you submit a general request or another kind of feedback.

Step 2 – Complete the questions

You’ll be asked a number of questions about your submission. Mandatory questions are marked with asterisks.

Step 3 – Add the evidence

If you wish you can take a photo or video of the issue and submit this along with your report.

Step 4 – Add the location

Select the location using our map tool finder tool.

That’s it. Then your report is ready for submission. All the relevant information is automatically sent to your council including your contact details, details of the problem and location information.

All reports from My Council Services are sent from the app using your email and mobile number so that the council can communicate directly with you to resolve the issue. Many councils use our full integration so the report gets pushed into their backend systems.